Sunday, 4 July 2010

Something Inside

A few words perhaps
To explain something inside
Like a seed that grows
It grows, yet hides

On the outside nothing else has changed
The world stays the same
But Inside, something new has begun
With the rising of the sun

Something new lives its life
Unheard, unnoticed,
desperate to survive
To continue to enjoy

Each moment to thrive
This emotion unseen,
With each glimmer of hope
With each sorrow to cope

A beautiful feeling, holds on
Making each moment
A thousand blessed suns,
All rolled into one

A moment in a lifetime
More wonderful and sublime
With each whisper of a voice
Each decision, each choice

Two halves, make a whole
The joining of two souls
Apart, two hearts live on
Waiting for when it’ll be One.

(23rd Jan 2010)
© 2010 Nasirah Bint Loukman

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Beautiful Waters

The golden beaches lay in silence
Warming the atmosphere around
On this land routed in balance
A gem in the place hidden, unfound

Cool waters pushed to kiss the shores
Blue sky’s a youthful eternity
A sun that rises eventually falls
Thus it was written as destiny.

Waters turned fierce and unwavering
The sky blackened with the news
The land of beauty alas was taken
The land of great success, they lose.

The beaches bleed, screamed with anger
Heat choked around the environment
Dishevelled became this plunder
The treasures ransacked, was evident.

Thus they lost the place, this terrain
In Andalusia, they lost it all
Left was the ruined corpse of Spain
A sun that sets eventually falls

How did such circumstances take place?
The love of wealth, began the corrosion
Hence it became their final disgrace
When they became, the foam of the ocean.

© 2008 Nasirah Bint Loukman

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Not for me

This world is not for me
I’m sure of it
I’m too sensitive you see
To handle it
My skin is like jelly
Pierced by fierce words
Tears spring to my eyes
Over the smallest curse-
Conversation I mean.
Although for you, its just a sting of pain
Tempting hate, it fluctuates
I stay analysing, considering
What it must mean
Or I lock off the world
And try to be unseen

You see, this world is not for me
I can’t take the mental hatred
Or even worse, the physically tortured
But this would be ok
If that was all I had to say
But it’s also the little attempts of spite
The darkness that blocks out the light

So you see, this world is not for me
I can’t handle it
I don’t understand it
So I’ll leave it for you to take hold
To mould
I’m going back to sleep
To return to my own world
Until I’m called upon
By my Lord.

© 2008 Nasirah Bint Loukman

Sunday, 6 January 2008

A letter to the heavens

Love an emotion of difference
I feel it for you
So desperately, when I nearly anger you, I cry
For my tears are signs that I love you
I have heard beautiful words from you
That no other can convey
I would give all I have for
You to love me too
But I pray you want less than that
I know you understand, my often defect
For my human state makes mistakes
I only speak to gain your pleasure
So forgive oh Thee
For, by the Lord of the worlds
I testify you are the Lord of me

© 2008 Nasirah Bint Loukman

Saturday, 5 January 2008

A gleam of light

A gleam of life has pierced through
Curious minds grasp the refreshing presence that has arrived
A pleasant image delightful to see
The former struggle, uncomfortable and almost disturbing induction no longer troubles the mind.

Here it comes;
All are here and here the moment lies.
This is where it all begins
All are smiles as the future is contemplated
Both the joy and hardships it may bring
Even with such thoughts, its days are not frowned upon

Tomorrow is desired, with this new spring of life promising something unknown before this day had come.

For it has come…

By Hana Adji

© 2008 Nasirath bint Loukman

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Still Waiting

“They will not leave,
until the job is done”

So their waiting for one
another loss, another cry, another child to die
another orphan, another amputation, another childhood erosion.

So we watch and wait and watch
For another bomb, another mourn, another family torn
Another gun shot, another bloody day, another motherhood taken away.

Why can’t they see?
What can they truly achieve?
The job will not be done
Until they eventually leave.

© 2008 Nasirath bint Loukman

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A reason to smile...

I feel a reason to smile
although everything around me seems so mild
That doesn't faze me
I independently contemplate on what stands ahead of me

I hope to fill my days engaged with peace and nature
and take some time to endure... some comfort
Detaching myself from corruption
from peoples thoughts and assumptions

I no longer engulf the worlds sorrows
today I'll live for myself, until it passes to tomorrow
and I'll be searching to find the pleasure of subtle breeze
bringing the coolness to my eye's

I'm overwhelmed by how clearly I see now
that path ahead of me gives me every reason to smile...

By Hana Aji

© 2008 Nasirah bint Loukman