Sunday, 4 July 2010

Something Inside

A few words perhaps
To explain something inside
Like a seed that grows
It grows, yet hides

On the outside nothing else has changed
The world stays the same
But Inside, something new has begun
With the rising of the sun

Something new lives its life
Unheard, unnoticed,
desperate to survive
To continue to enjoy

Each moment to thrive
This emotion unseen,
With each glimmer of hope
With each sorrow to cope

A beautiful feeling, holds on
Making each moment
A thousand blessed suns,
All rolled into one

A moment in a lifetime
More wonderful and sublime
With each whisper of a voice
Each decision, each choice

Two halves, make a whole
The joining of two souls
Apart, two hearts live on
Waiting for when it’ll be One.

(23rd Jan 2010)
© 2010 Nasirah Bint Loukman

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